From landscape to studio, therein lies a deep affection to experiment with an arrangement of ideas and thoughts that are alluring, contradicting, psychological, and mysterious. Interpretations and conscious decisions are made to transform the mundane into something intriguing. One can wander through, pause to reflect, and investigate a connection.
As an advocate for film, I find it adds an organic quality and element of surprise. With the many options available for personal expression using tangible materials, it is this fusion which offers a closer relation to my work.
A great deal of fascination and curiosity lies in early photographic practices as well as alternative processes employing the internegative. The attraction found is the intimate procedure and hand hewn craftsmanship intrinsic to these methods in which the latest trends in photography cannot compete with.
I prefer not to outsource anything and take great pride in producing my work in the darkroom, from the negative stage to the final print.

Contact me at bigskyeagle@gmail.com for information on purchasing a print and private workshops.

Michael Weitzman